Mobile phone network operator Three celebrate the internet with this new advert

The 3rd edition of the TED Conference’s Ads Worth Spreading initiative featuring 2 ads from the UK - The Guardian’s 3 Little Pigs ad by BBH London, and “Meet the Superhumans” by C4 and 4creative

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s new single - Sacrilege 


More innovative (sort of) stuff from Coachella 2012. 

The entire festival was streamed via Youtube, making it available to a global audience - pretty neat huh? 

Fringe benefit of this is that my favourite band of all time, Radiohead, had their set recorded…. Lovely stuff. 

Tracklist here

Nike with another typically brilliant piece of content. 

This time to promote the #makeitcount /Nike Fuel campaign. 

Somehow this feel’s less worthy than the sporting executions i’ve seen. 

So much good music around at the moment. Kompakt is responsible for a lot of it.